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The city of Cusco has become one of the most visited regions in Peru and the main reason is Machu Picchu, however you should know that both in the city of Cusco and in the surroundings we have different amazing places, as well as the Inca site of Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Tambomachay and the fortress of Pukapukara, many of these places are not very popular for tourists because they are not as famous as Machu Picchu. We believe it is not just about Machu Picchu; Cusco is a large and varied region with so much more culture to offer than only its famous Machu Picchu.

Here we have some must-see day tours that you shouldn’t miss.

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Travelling With a Purpose is the Best Way to Travel to Perú

At Come See Peru we believe that traveling with a purpose, rather than wandering aimlessly, is truly the best way to travel. Adding meaning can make any trip infinitely more rewarding and satisfying and has the ability to turn a simple “vacation” into a truly life-changing experience.

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At Come See Peru we take you to places you never thought existed as well as meet people you never thought you would meet in your city, let us be part of your change and help us change people’ lives who also need to meet you to know that they exist.

Travelling With a Purpose is the Best Way to Travel

Tips & Travel Information About Cusco

If you are in Cusco and you wish to explore the city and its surroundings then this travel guide could help you plan your adventure around the city, although many believe that the city of Cusco is small enough to get lost, it is really big and its streets are quite narrow, so it is good to know a little bit about the names of the streets, especially those where your hotel is located. Keep in mind that the city of Cusco is quite safe as it has security cameras throughout the city and there are many police on every corner which will make you feel even safer.

Explore Cusco from your hotel, the streets, the colorful houses, the typical dances, the traditions, the typical clothing and the people are the reason enough to visit this incredible city, don’t miss Cusco and its amazing places that we will mention next, the city of Cusco in spite of being colonized in the years of 1533 for many does not stop being the capital of the Incas; we believe that after being destroyed by the Spaniards it still keeps a historical value that is reflected its the people.

Around Cusco

Three kilometers from the city of Cusco there are enormous and important constructions that according to the recent investigations date from much earlier than the Inca period, in other words, they are monuments that have been there for more than 5000 years.

One of these places is the archeological site of Sacsayhuaman dating back more than 5000 years, its walls are still intact since even the Spanish could not destroy them,

One of these places is the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman with more than 5000 years of antiquity its walls are still intact since not even the Spaniards could destroy them; many believe that it was a fortress something like a military sector perhaps due to its enormous walls.

Sacsayhuaman and its surrounding ruins of Qenko, Puka Pukara and Tambomachay are the nearest ruins to Cusco and are easily accessible by taxi, bus or even on foot from Cusco’s Plaza de Armas.

Sacsayhuamán offers beautiful views of the city from the top of the surrounding mountains – a visit to this site is not something you will quickly forget. we suggest you add it to your list of places to visit in Cusco!

Hang Out In Barrio San Blas

The neighborhood of San Blas is a very colonial and picturesque place, a unique place that is worth visiting, a bit climb from the Cusco’s Plaza de Armas with lost of good restaurants, hospedajes as well small art exhibitions and craft shops and fun nightime bars.

If you are in San Blas we suggest you take a look at the attractive square and the oldest parish church in Cusco, built in 1563, without a doubt this place is a must-see.

Explore San Pedro Market

Just a short walk from Cusco’s main square, this market has everything you would possibly want, losts of food any kinds of souvinir, you can eat the most delicuous food and the exotic juice at the juice station. Be sure to walk around the stalls and bagainfor anything you want to buy!

Visit The 12 Angled Stone

Just a few minutes from the main square of Cusco is the street of Hatunrumiyoc also known as the street with the big Stone. On this street there is a green diorite stone wall built long before the Incas and keeps one of the most famous pieces of Cusco  to this day, the twelve angled stone which is quite visited by tourists, For local archaeologists this stone would represent the months of the year according to the Inca calendar, or 12 important days, there is a lot of speculation about it but the truth is if you remove it, the whole wall could fall down, you can also visit it during your walking tour around the city.


The Qoricancha according to the spanish chroniclers was one of the most impressive buildings in Cusco, it is believed its walss had been fully covered with gold sheets, because it was the main temple of the sun god, where the maximum Inca god, the Inti (Sun), was worshipped, so they could only enter the place by fasting, barefoot as it was a holy temple of worship.

In the year 1950 a huge earthquake shaked Cusco causing around 5000 deaths and almost 80% of the buildings built by the Spanish collapsed, but the walls (Inca) were able to resist without any problem, today the place has become quite popular for the kind of architecture that this temple displays making the tourists speechless.

To visit this temple you have to buy an entrance ticket that costs 15 soles, you can visit the place from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5:30pm.