How To Not Be A Typical Tourist In Cusco

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The beautiful city of Cusco received over 3 million tourists in 2018 and can thus call itself a booming tourist destination in Peru. In the city center you can visit many restaurants, cozy cafes, travel agencies and clubs to meet the needs of the travelers. However, this is not the life that the local people of Cusco live. The local life can be more intriguing, more authentic and best of all: it’s cheaper.


If you are traveling in Peru, you have plenty opportunities to eat and drink amazing Peruvian food. In the historical city center of Cusco you find amazing and trendy restaurants for different budgets. However, even in the cheaper places you find prices adjusted to the tourists instead of to the locals. Therefore, you won’t see many locals eating in these downtown restaurants.

So, where do they go? Well, they eat closer to their own home, at the Avenida de la Cultura for example. Here one can find lovely typical Peruvian food, from Lomo Saltado to Chincharon and from Cerviche to Cuy. And get great value for your money! The portions are often bigger than in the historical center while you pay less. By going to eat outside of the center you also engage with the locals and it’s the perfect way to learn Spanish during your stay in Cusco.

We recommend you visiting the San Pedro local market in Cusco and taste all type of fresh and tipical food

San Pedro local market in Cusco is located in the historical center of the city, one block from the main square.  The market is an interesting place to explore and has many interesting parts. When you first enter the market, you will be in the section where you will find much color and interesting things to buy. The souvenir section has everything from pens with llamas attached to colorful dolls to table clothes and pillowcases. If you wish to take home an alpaca jumper than this is the place to go. Interesting hats with ear covers which are popular with the locals are also on offer.