Pisac Market Cusco-Perú All You Must Know

Pisac Market Cusco-Perú All You Must Know

Pisac Marcket

Apart from the ruins, there is another reason why Pisac has its place on Peru’s itineraries.

The reason is the traditional market where the local people of Pisac, and nearby communities in the Sacred Valley area sell handicrafts, textiles, clothing Pisacetc.

The market of Pisac is a must on the Sacred Valley tour, Pisac is a beautiful town at only 3,000m altitude.  It is a market to visit every day of the week, although Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are still the busiest

This market in Inca times was a very important place as the locals came from their villages to trade their products for other producto, such as corn for potatoes, The market now is aimed at the tourist trade, so it may be busy when the bus loads arrive. This is a lovely place to visit and even if you are not in the least bit interested in shopping, you will love the colors and atmosphere of this beautiful and attractive city. If you feel like shopping, bring your local Cusco currency.

Pisac Market Cusco Perú Sacred Valley
Pisac Market Cusco Perú Sacred Valley

Pisac town has a pretty town  with a colonial church, and it really is cool walking through cobblestoned streets.

If you decide on hiking to Pisac ruins, we suggest hiking down from the ruins of Pisac to Pisac town; you will be rewarded by stunning vistas, and you will see more ruins than the average visitors who usually wander around the upper part of the ruins.

If you want more information about this hike to the ruins of Pisac we suggest you follow the link below. Hike to Pisac ruins tour full day