Tour to machu picchu by bus or train which of these should I take?

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Tour to Machu Picchu by Bus or by Train?

It has always been one of the questions that tourists ask themselves when they arrive in Cusco and organize their plan, there are many people who choose to take the train because they are luxury trains and above all they all have panoramic windows that allow the passenger to enjoy their trip even more, but how much is the cost of traveling on these trains? which by the way are NOT foreign companies.

The cost of these trips of 2 hours by train will depend very much on the schedule in which trip and the type of service because there are several services the most comfortable in prices could be said that the EXPEDITION of the company PERURAIL and the cost ranges from 90 dollars to 130 dollars the most comfortable (round trip), of course these prices are subject to the season of visits during the year,
High Seasons: the seasons of more demand in visits to Cusco are from June to October and the low seasons from November to May during these low seasons there are promotions because there is low demand a train ticket could cost up to 55 dollars round trip. Now there is another train service with the same company VISTADOME that is much more expensive but has a first class service because there is a food and beverage service inside the train and if you take this train only back after your visit to Machu Picchu you will be surprised with a typical dance inside the train and also a catwalk of alpaca garments, good music and impeccable service if you want to see a video of this service here we leave the link

How Much is It?

The cost is 165 dollars round trip, now that it happens with the tourist sometimes when buying a tour does not believe that the total cost of the tour includes the cost of the bone train more than 100 dollars and your trip to Mach Pichu increases abundantly over 300 dollars which is too much money and sometimes we choose to travel by bus, very well now let’s talk about traveling in Machu Picchu by bus.

What about travelling by bus?

It is the typical phrase of some passengers perhaps is a very good idea, but here I explain the good and the bad of traveling by bus to Machu Pichu.

The good thing is that you will save 100 dollars that you could use for a good lodging or enjoy a coffee or lunch at the luxury hotel Santuary Lodge the only hotel that is located just at the entrance of Machu Picchu and thus complete your visit with a delicious lunch, if you like the walks because traveling the bus will allow you to walk for 2 hours to the town of Aguas Calientes where every tourist arrives to visit Machu Picchu. The walk is moderate since it will only follow the rails of the train to part will be accompanied by birds and a beautiful vegetation full of flowers and some cabins of the locals of the sector.
The bad: Unfortunately the year 2018 is considered an unsafe place because every year there are accidents and this 2018 there was one where a family lost their lives and here the saying matches (cheap is expensive) for safety measures and no agency should operate this route, the accidents recorded were not only buses that fell into the abyss or crashes but also in the 2-hour walk to Aguas Calientes where there are rock slides, could be a good option and if they like the adventure could risk taking this option.

Why you shoud not take this route?

Unfortunately this road will not be legally enabled because with the trains you can control the number of foreign passengers visiting Machu Picchu, quite apart that the idea is that only among a number of visitors that is about 3500 tourists per day, if you enable the road Machu Picchu collapse.

Now if you have heard of a train quite cheap that is the LOCAL train where only local residents and national tourists can travel, obviously does not miss anything as it is almost always full and although the ticket costs only 10 soles or 3 dollars is not pretty, most people travel stops.

I hope that this information can help you and has clarified some doubts for more information you can write to