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We have designed Cusco tour packages will allow you to explore the length and breadth of Cusco region in the best way possible. Cusco offers a true cultural experience for any tourist thronging from different parts of the world.

Cusco has all that one wants for a perfect vacation. From the Rainbow Mountain to Machu Picchu to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and much more. Come See Perú offers a jolly good vacation with so much to see, do and experience in Cusco.  Every Cusco tour package enhances the travel experience with astonishing attractions. Start your adventure in Cusco! Check out our travel packeges we designed for you..

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Highlights: Come See Perú Tours Advantages

  • Enjoy unique experiences with our expert local crew, who will make sure everything goes perfectly according as planned.
  • For our travel packages to Machu Picchu we offer the best hotels in Aguas Calientes.
  • Our tourist packages are all inclusive so you don't have to worry about anything else but enjoying your vacation in Cusco.
  • Get to know the best tourist attractions in Cusco in record time, we offer packages from a 2 to a 9 day tour in Cusco.
  • You have the possibility to modify any tour within your tourist package or take a day off and then finish your trip.
  • Travel your way we adapt to your travel schedule.
Cusco Tour Packages


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Travelling With a Purpose is the Best Way to Travel to Perú

At Come See Peru we believe that traveling with a purpose, rather than wandering aimlessly, is truly the best way to travel. Adding meaning can make any trip infinitely more rewarding and satisfying and has the ability to turn a simple “vacation” into a truly life-changing experience.

Travel to change the world!

Did you know that travel has the ability to change the world? either you consciously choose to be part of the process or not, so just imagine how rewarding your travels can be when you actively choose to change the world.

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Did you know that travel destroys racism? It is difficult to adapt suddenly to a country where everything is different, where people speak other languages, dress differently and practice perhaps quite bizarre customs, but even if you find it difficult to accept it, travelers end up falling in love with that country, with the food and even you´ll want to dress the same.

At Come See Peru we take you to places you never thought existed as well as meet people you never thought you would meet in your city, let us be part of your change and help us change people’ lives who also need to meet you to know that they exist.

Travelling With a Purpose is the Best Way to Travel

Travel Information About Cusco Tourist Destinations 

On the first day as soon as you arrive, you need to be relaxed and take it easy to adapt to the altitude, which means getting some rest, avoiding fatty foods and trying not to overexert yourself for at least the first two days. It is also best to spend at least 3 days around Cusco before starting any trek to Machu Picchu.

Some activities that you can do during your visit to Cusco as you acclimate to the altitude is to wander around the Cusco’s main square, there are plenty of Cusco restaurants, which offers the most delicious cuisine and some of them accompanied with spectacular folkloric shows of dance, also the Cusco nightlife is pretty intense there are a lot of pubs and discos.

Discover the most remote places inside and out of Cusco and connect with nature at the same time, the beautiful landscapes and agreeable weather in the Sacred Valley of the Incas will make you feel at home, explore places such as the Rainbow Mountain, the Humantay Lagoon and the best tourist attractions that Cusco has to offer, here we will help you with important information about the places you can visit on your own or if you consider hiring our services to arrange a tour for you.


Located within the city just 10 minutes from Cusco’s main square, the archaeological site of Qoricancha is located inside the Santo Domingo convent. It is a clearly ceremonial place, built over 600 years ago, with high technology, This temple has become famous for its quality of architecture which features beautifully placed blocks of stone without any adhesive between them, to visit this place it is necessary to buy an entrance ticket which can be purchased at the entrance gate, the cost of this ticket is 15 soles per person, we recommend visiting with a local guide for the best appreciation of the place.


Located 2 kilometers from the city of Cusco, this archaeological site is located at 3500 meters above sea level, and it is commonly visited by tourists, it has easy access from the main square of Cusco, Sacsayhuaman was once one of the most important temples in the Inca Empire, but you should know that its construction dates from more than 5000 years before the Incas, Sacsayhuaman is also known by its enormous walls as a fortress, to visit this place it is necessary to buy a tourist ticket which is sold at the entrance, the ticket costs 70 soles, it is worth the visit!


The archaeological site of Kenko is located only 1 kilometer away from Sacsayhuaman, it is a temple dedicated to the cult of agriculture as well as fertility, explore the place with an expert local and know the purpose that once had this sacred temple, the archaeologists think that Kenko was the place where they venerated the mummy of the Inca Pachacu who was the ninth emperor during the peak of Inca civilization.