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Inca Trail Sacred Valley – 3 Days

Sacred Valley Short Inca Trail

Witness the best of the ancient Incan ruins on this exclusive 3 days Sacred Valley Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu from the city of Cusco. This is one of our signature tours. We have carefully curated this itinerary to offer you most of the prime sites of the Inca empire. 

The Sacred Valley and short Inca Trail tour starts with a full-day tour of the ancient Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley. 

During our Sacred Valley tour we will explore the best highlights such as Chinchero, Moray, Maras Salt Mines and Ollantaytambo ruins.

The tour on the first day ends in the town of Ollantaytambo. Here you will stay overnight.

Sacred Valley of the Incas:

The valley played a major role during the Inca civilization. As farming was their main occupation, they built many impressive agricultural terraces throughout the valley. 

The Sacred Valley of the Incas has the most fertile soil in Peru, if not South America. The Urubamba river that snakes through the valley provides fresh water to the farmlands here. 

This allowed the Incas to experiment and determine the best weather condition needed to grow any crop. Thanks to their advanced farming techniques, Peru now produces over 4000 varieties of potatoes. 

On this full-day guided tour of Sacred Valley, you will get a detailed insight into the Andean traditions and customs. Accompanied by our local travel experts, you will discover the authentic Peru that you want to discover. 

Short Inca Trail:

The three days Inca Trail Sacred Valley Trip then takes you through the emblematic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It starts at Km.104. This is the trailhead of the short Inca Trail. The trailhead is named after its distance from Cusco en route to Machu Picchu.

Before reaching the iconic Sun Gate, you will be visiting some of the notable archaeological sites like Wiñay Wayna. Our travel expert will be giving you a detailed tour of each complex that we will be passing through. 

Machu Picchu:

The last day of this trip is dedicated to a visit to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes town. The tour culminates with a scenic train ride through the cloud forests to Ollantaytambo and a drive back to Cusco City. 

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Trip Overview

  • Tour Type: Trekking, Cultural & History
  • Schedules: We pick you up at 7:00am / Drop off at your hotel in Ollantaytambo
  • Meeting Place: From hotel in Cusco or Cusco airport
  • End of the Tour: in Cusco
  • Group Size: Minimum 02 people to confirm departure
  • Difficulty: Difficult-Moderate


What to expect from the Sacred Valley tour with the short Inca Trail?

  • Explore the highlights of the Sacred Valley
  • Spend 1 night in Ollantaytambo
  • Walk a part of the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in a single day with a local expert
  • Reach the Sun Gate or Inti Punku and get your first glimpse of Machu Picchu
  • Explore the Short Inca Trail and visit spectacular ruins along the way
  • Maximize your adventure and visit Machu Picchu at Sunset and Sunrise
  • Eat lunch in the mountains with the best views

Advantages of booking with us.-  

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE COSTS: We operate this tour without combining travellers from other agencies. At Come See Peru Tours, we know that traveling demands time and money and that is why we want your experience of visiting Cusco to exceed your expectations.

Inca Trail Sacred Valley Detailed itinerary 

At 07:00 AM, we will be picking you up from your hotel in Cusco. Then in our private transport, we will be driving you to Chinchero.


To Incas, Chinchero was the mythical birthplace of Rainbow. 

The village is popular for the Andean textile industry. People living here continue to dress in their colourful traditional outfits and speak Quechua. This would be a perfect introduction to the Inca civilization.

We will be visiting the farming terraces here built along with the former summer palace of the Inca Emperor, Pachacutec. It is believed that among all sites in the Sacred Valley, Chinchero has the most fertile soil. 


Once you have had your fill of this site, we will continue the tour to Moray. This is possibly the most impressive sight in the valley. Moray is home to the mysterious circular farming terraces dug into the ground with different levels. 

Legends say that each level has a different temperature. This allowed the Incas to determine the best weather condition needed to grow any crop. Moray served as an agricultural laboratory for the Incas. 


We will then visit Maras. Home to over 5000 salt puddles clinging to the slopes of the canyon, Maras produces the best salt in Peru. People here practise Solar evaporation mentos to extract salt. It has been passed down generation after generation. 

They let in freshwaters in these salt pools and wait for it to evaporate. Then they manually scrape out salt. The salt here is pinkish in colour and tastes a bit different. It is also quite nutritious. 

We will then visit Urubamba village. Here we will be stopping at a local restaurant where we will be serving you lunch. Urubamba is at a very low altitude in the whole Sacred Valley. 

After relishing a traditional Andean lunch, we will be driving you to Ollantaytambo. 


Dominated by two massive Inca ruins, this serene ancient village of Ollantaytambo is the best example of the Inca’s town planning. Designed with narrow cobblestoned streets, the town has been continuously inhabited since the 13th century. 

Here we will be visiting the Inca site that nestles overlooking this picturesque village. After the tour, we will be accommodating you in an ensuite hotel room for the night. 

We will be picking you up at 0540 AM from your hotel in Ollantaytambo and transferring you to the train station. You will be embarking on a scenic train ride to Km.104, the starting point of the Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. 

This full-day trek begins with a short uphill hike. We will be visiting an archaeological site called Chachabamba where you will get a detailed insight into the Inca civilization. 

Wiñay Wayna:

Once you had your fill of Chachabamba, we will be hiking for two hours to Wiñay Wayna. In Quechua, the name signifies forever young. This is one of the most impressive sites along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. 

Our tour guide will be giving you a detailed tour of the complex. After the tour, we will stop for lunch at the campsite. 

We will then hike the last section of the Inca Trail to the emblematic Sungate. Only those on Inca Trail to Machu Picchu enter the citadel through Sungate. We will have a brief stop here so our guide will give you an introduction to the iconic lost city of Incas that would be in front of you. 

We will be taking a bus down to Aguas Calientes town. Here we will be accommodating you in an ensuite hotel room for the night. 

At 0600 AM, we will be taking the bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu. It will be a 25-minute drive up to the lost city of the Incas. As you will be entering the citadel, you will witness the golden rays of the morning sun shimmering on the mortar walls of Machu Picchu. 

Our guide will be giving you a detailed two hours tour of the complex. On this tour, you will be visiting the main square, remains of the quarters and Inca temples, ceremonial sites and more. 

After the tour, you will have some free time. If you have booked to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain, our guide will be directing you to the respective trailhead. 

We will then take a bus back to Aguas Calientes. Here you will be boarding the train back to Ollantaytambo. Our representative will be meeting you on arrival and will be transferring you back to your hotel in Cusco.


  • Transport
  • Local Guide
  • Round trip train tickets
  • Entrance fee to the Inca Trail 
  • Lunch bag + Snacks
  • Entrance tickets to Machupicchu
  • All Bus tickets
  • Transfer 
  • 1 Night in Hotel (Ollantaytambo)
  • 1 Night in Hotel (Aguas Calientes)
  • 2 breakfasts
  • 1 Dinner after the hike
  • First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.


  • Entrance to Hot Springs in Aguas Calientes (consult: Optional).
  • Entrance to Huayna Picchu or Machupicchu Mountain ($65.00) subject to availability 
  • Tourist Tickets ( 130.00 soles )
  • Lunch during the Sacred Valley tour
  • Lunch in Machu Picchu town
  • Hotel in Cusco
  • Flights
  • Tips
  • We recommend that all our clients purchase a full-coverage travel medical insurance plan before coming to Peru. Most airlines offer this service at the time of purchasing your airline tickets.
We recommend to bring:
  • Original passport (and * International Student Card (2019-2020) (ISIC), if applicable)
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended but not obligatory)
  • Waterproof jacket / rain poncho
  • Sunscreen cream (SPF 35 or higher recommended)
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera
  • personal expenses 
  • tips
  • Entrance fee to Huayna Picchu of USD $ 65.00. “Subject to availability”
  • Vistadome Service: USD $ 50.00.
  • If you would like to extend your stay in Aguas Calientes (the town just below Machu Picchu), please contact us.)

On our 3 day ititnerary you will not miss out on the Sacred Valley where you will visit the amazing Salt mines of Maras and Moray inca site besides Ollantaytambo inca site with its masive stones and in the end the famous inca trail with its inca sites and still the inca road built by the incas over 600 years ago.



Our price list is per person not per group” 

Number of persons
1 Person $ 689.00 USD BOOK NOW
2 Person $ 670.00 USD BOOK NOW
3 Person $ 650.00 USD BOOK NOW
4 Person $ 645.00 USD BOOK NOW
5 Person $ 629.00 USD BOOK NOW
6 Person $ 590.00 USD BOOK NOW
7 Person $ 579.00 USD BOOK NOW
8 Person $ 555.00 USD BOOK NOW
9 Person $ 499.00 USD BOOK NOW
10 Person $ 470.00 USD BOOK NOW


  • Pre payment per person: 40% of the payment per person
  • Balance: 60% before departure. – Terms and Conditions
  • Based in two people minimum 
  • $ 599.00 per person with hotel 2 nights
  • Student discount: US$20 (requires University student Card to qualify).

Why choose Come See Perú Tours?

  • We are a 100% local company based in Cusco, one of our goals has always been to offer personalized tours with excellent service.
  • Our crew have more than 6 years of experience creating memorable trips and making friends with our customers.
  • We promote responsable and sustainable tourism in Cusco
  • We accommodate special diets
  • Eco friendly local company
  • We are committed to social proyects

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