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If you yearn to explore the Cusco outdoors, but are hesitant to wander the wide blue yonder on your own, consider hiring an adventure tour with us and let us show you the best of Cusco hiking tours. There’s no better way to explore Cusco than under a experienced local guide who not only knows the ins and outs of trails, but can also give you insight on the area’s history during each long day of high altitude mountaineering.

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Highlights: Come See Perú Tours Advantages

  • We don't camp together with everyone, but rather hike a little further to be away from the crowds and enjoy the scenery more.
  • Our camping equipment is new and the best in the market, so we make sure to give you the best service during the treks.
  • Our cooks prepare a variety of delicious meals that are perfect for every day of trekking. We can cater to dietary restrictions and allergies, just let us know.
  • For all our treks we include the walking sticks at no cost.
  • For our treks we also practice sustainable tourism, we have a deep commitment with our planet.
  • We take care of everything, if you forgot to bring your sleeping bag you have the option to rent it from us at the best cost.
Machu Picchu private tours


Machu Picchu private tours

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Travelling With a Purpose is the Best Way to Travel to Perú

At Come See Peru we believe that traveling with a purpose, rather than wandering aimlessly, is truly the best way to travel. Adding meaning can make any trip infinitely more rewarding and satisfying and has the ability to turn a simple “vacation” into a truly life-changing experience.

Travel to change the world!

Did you know that travel has the ability to change the world? either you consciously choose to be part of the process or not, so just imagine how rewarding your travels can be when you actively choose to change the world.

Travel destroys racism

Did you know that travel destroys racism? It is difficult to adapt suddenly to a country where everything is different, where people speak other languages, dress differently and practice perhaps quite bizarre customs, but even if you find it difficult to accept it, travelers end up falling in love with that country, with the food and even you´ll want to dress the same.

At Come See Peru we take you to places you never thought existed as well as meet people you never thought you would meet in your city, let us be part of your change and help us change people’ lives who also need to meet you to know that they exist.

Travelling With a Purpose is the Best Way to Travel

Things You Need to Know Before You Go Hiking

Whether you’re planning an epic adventure journey keep in mind these things :

Share your plan tell your Friends what trip you’re starting, where and when you will finish the trek, especially if travelling solo so a friend knows where to send help if you are not back on time.

Check out some blogs from travelers who have already done the trek so you can find out about things you should be aware of, as well as problems that could happen during the trip,

Bring good waterproof equipment and good hiking boots to ensure that you will arrive at your destination in good condition. We highly recommend wearing your new hiking boots for a week before your hike to avoid getting blisters.

Carry an extra poncho, most travelers believe that if they have their rain gear they will be safe from the rain, but not really, we recommend carrying an extra rain poncho because that way you can cover not only your body but also your backpack, believe it or not wearing a rain poncho is more effective than wearing the rain gear.

Bring walking sticks with you If you have had a knee or hip surgery a long time ago, we strongly recommend you bring trekking poles, they will not only help you keep your balance but also make it easier to go down and up stairs. Hiking poles can also save your life in case you come across a snake on the way.. We recommend carrying a good backpack with multiple compartments and waterproof.