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Rainbow Mountain Private Tour Cusco-Perú

Rainbow Mountain in One Day from Cusco 2022

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain hike or also called Peru Rainbow Mountain day trip is a full day all inclusive tour through the Andes of Peru, 100% operated by Come See Peru in a private service.

On our 1 day Rainbow Mountain tour from Cusco you will be hiking for about 2 hours until you reach the top, the path is quite easy and not very steep, the landscape is surrounded with alpacas and llamas all along the way.

Book your Rainbow Mountain tour now and enjoy a full day of adventure with beautiful views for a reasonable price.

If you are a hiking and nature lover then the full day Rainbow Mountain tour is for you.

Our 1 day tour to Rainbow Mountain in private service offers all entrance fees included, breakfast, lunch buffet, English speaking tour guide and a super comfortable and private transportation just for you and your group, don’t think too much and book your tour to Rainbow Mountain with us, your travel experience of a lifetime is guaranteed.

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Peru Rainbow Mountain from Cusco
Peru Rainbow Mountain from Cusco Private Service

Our Rainbow Mountain tour can also start from your hotel in Urubamba or Ollantaytambo, for this you need to contact one of our travel specialists when making your reservation to arrange your pick up.

For a horseback riding Rainbow Mountain Peru contact one our travel specialists.

Why you should book Perú Rainbow Mountain tour with us?

  • We beat the crowds, group tours to Rainbow Mountain leave Cusco at 5am. To avoid the crowds we leave earlier than the rest, that way we ensure our clients have the Rainbow Mountain all to themselves and can take the best pictures.
  • For the 1 day Rainbow Mountain tour our guide carries an oxygen tank as well as a first aid kit. (As you get over 5040 meters/16,500 feet above sea level! Not all travel agencies offer this). You travel safely with us.
  • We forget the time, there is no need to rush or return early to Cusco unless you request it, we try to make sure you enjoy your Rainbow Mountain tour as much as possible.

What to Expect

We recommend leaving as early as possible to avoid the crowd and take the best pictures.

You’ll hike through the fields full of alpacas and llamas, red mountains,  snow-capped mountains, lakes and local people that will be your best motivation. The views are unforgettable.

For most travellers the best part of the trip is not  actually seeing the rainbow mountain but enjoying the stunning vistas, herds of alpacas and the hike itself. Keep in mind this you won’t get the same experience anywhere else.

The best time to visit the mountain Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain is in the dry season that begins from June to August these months are when you can see their colors best.

at Come See Peru Tours we offer a fully customized tour according to your travel needs and desires. We want to offer you the best experience with every detail during your trip, so that you can exceed your expectations and above all, that you return home with the best memories of your trip to Peru.

Detailed Itinerary of Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour

We will pick you up at your hotel at 4:00 am. We will then embark on a 2 hour drive to the breakfast spot (included). Here we will serve you a buffet breakfast.

Then we will continue by car for 45 more minutes until we reach the beginning of the trek.

From here, it will be a 2 hour, uphill hike to reach the famous Rainbow Mountain. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will be able to observe some of the Andean wildlife.

You will have enough time to immerse yourself in the majesty of the red mountains that surround this area. However, after enjoying the beautiful views we will descend to the Red Valley lookout point from where we will have a different view of the red mountains.

Finally after an amazing adventure we will make our way back with a two hour downhill hike, to the base of the hike.

Here we will take our private car and go to the lunch place, we will have lunch in a local restaurant highly recommended by travelers, where we will enjoy a delicious meal. Later on we will return to Cusco. We will drop you off at your hotel around 5 – 6 pm.


  • Pick up from you hotel.
  • Round trip transportation in our bus (bed sit).
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Hot drinks
  • Professional tour guide.
  • Assistant tour guide (only for 9 people or more)
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle.
  • Entrance fee.


  • Alcoholic drinks and others not mentioned on the list
  • Rain poncho (can be bought anywhere in the city or along the trail).
  • Horses
  • Tips 

Trip Summary

  • Type of Tourism: Trekking, Hiking and Nature.
  • Duration: Day Tour from Cusco. (13 hours approximately).
  • Service: (private service).
  • Period: April through October is the best season. During November and December we operate with some restrictions according to the weather conditions.

Trip Details

  • Tour Type: Hiking, off the beaten path adventure
  • Good For: Those with a sense of adventure and in good hiking shape
  • Difficulty: Moderate, but challenging
  • Pick Up Time: 4 AM
  • Considerations: This trek will take about 4 hours round trip.

Highlights.- Visit the Vinicunca, popularly known as the Mountain of 7 Colors. This natural tourist attraction is one of Peru’s newest and most popular attractions. The All Inclusive Service offers a safe trip with all the benefits of a quality tour. 

  • Find llamas and alpacas and their local owners along the way
  • Return through the spectacular Red Valley with red mountains and spectacular vistas

Advantages of booking with us.- The all-inclusive tour to RAINBOW MOUNTAIN TOUR offers a safe and well-organized experience, transfer during the entire tour is in sprinter. The service also includes the tour guide service in English or Spanish.

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE COSTS: We operate this tour without joining other tourists from other agencies. We only serve our tourists. We know that traveling to RAINBOW MOUNTAIN TOUR demands time and money and that is why we want your experience of visiting RAINBOW MOUNTAIN TOUR to exceed your expectations. 

Our groups are made up of a minimum of 2 people maximum 8, if no more people are added to your group, we go out yes or yes (private service) without lowering the quality of service.

  • Daypack, warm clothes (scarf, sweaters, rainjacket, gloves)
  • Walking boots.
  • Walking sticks
  • Rain poncho
  • Sun hat + sunglasses.
  • Toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  • Suncream
  • To do this tour, you must be in Cusco at least 2 days in advance to acclimatize.
  • Before going to 7 colored mountains, take short walks around Cusco to better adapt to the weather or you can hire short tours. City tour, Sacred Valley, Salineras de Maras – Moray – Chinchero, southern valley or you can also visit Machu Picchu.
  • You should drink mate de coca which will help you adapt better to the climate.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for hiking (trekking shoes, thermal clothing, etc.).

At Come See Peru Tours we offer you a personalized tour with our experienced local guides who will take you to one of the most popular mountains in the world. The Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca Mountain was discovered more than a decade ago by local people who witnessed for the first time its beautiful colors obtained from the different minerals that the mountain has, it is not known if the Inca people already knew of it although most mountains were considered deities by the Incas. 

Vinicunca, also known as the Mountain of Seven Colors or Rainbow Mountain, is a natural wonder on the way to Ausangate. During this full day excursion you will be able to visit this beautiful mountain, and see from the top the colors that characterize it as well as a breathtaking view of the apu Ausangate.

The varied and enigmatic colours of the Vinicunca mountain await you. What are you waiting for? You, too, can get a little closer to heaven. Book our mountain tour seven colors and live an unforgettable adventure.

The Beautiful Colors of Rainbow Mountain
Vinicunca’s rainbow appearance is due to “a complex geological history of marine, lake and fluvial sediments,” according to a report by the Cultural Landscape Office of Cusco’s Deconcentrated Directorate of Culture.

These sediments, carried by the water that previously covered the area, date from between the Tertiary and Quaternary periods, i.e. from about 65 to two million years ago.

Over time, sediments formed layers (with different grain sizes) that today are seen as the stripes that attract tourists so much.

The movement of the tectonic plates in the area elevated these sediments until they became mountains.

Then they acquired their bright colors because of the oxidation of their minerals, exerted by the humidity of the area, and the erosion of them, explains to BBC Mundo César Muñoz, member of the Geological Society of Peru (SGP).

Muñoz and the study of the Cultural Landscape Office detail the composition of each strip according to its color.

  • Pink or fuchsia: a mixture of red clay, mud and sand.
  • Blanquecino: sandstone (quartz sand) and limestone.
  • Purple or lavender: marl (mixture of clay and calcium carbonate) and silicates.
  • Red: argilites and clays.
  • Green: clays rich in ferromagnesium (a mixture of iron and magnesium) and copper oxide.
  • Yellowish brown, mustard or gold: limonites, calcareous sandstones rich in sulphurous minerals (combined with sulphur).
Where Does My Rainbow Mountain Tour Begin?

We will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco. The location doesn’t matter. If you are staying at a private residence or Airbnb, we will do our best to pick you up at that location or nearby.  We will inform you one day in advance where exactly.

Do you think I should wear walking shoes?

Not necessarily.  But it is highly recommended that you wear strong and comfortable shoes suitable for all weather conditions as you walk through these steep and colorful mountains.

Will I suffer from altitude sickness on the Rainbow Mountain Tour?

Some people experience altitude sickness. To reduce the chances that altitude will affect you on this one-day hike, you need to spend some time acclimatizing to drink plenty of fluids. Finally, you can chew coca leaves like the natives of South America.

Do I need to be in good physical shape?

You should be more or less physically fit. The trail is excellent and not very steep, but at 5000 masl the gradual ascent can be difficult. For people who are not in good shape and prefer to ride, there are horses available for rent.

Why book with us?

We are direct operators for the Rainbow Mountain tour and are committed to sustainable tourism on all of our excursions. Therefore, we guarantee you the best service, the best tour guide and the safest transportation while traveling to these sacred places in Ausangate Mountain. Book this Rainbow Mountain tour!

What is the location of Rainbow Mountain?

Vinicunca is located in Cusco, province of Canchis and district of Pitumarca. The road that leads to this place is the one that goes south of Cusco.

What to bring to the Rainbow Mountain tour?

The obligatory things to take is:

Warm clothing at least one for the descent, when descending from Vinicunca make a cold!, sunscreen, cap or hat, short wind, good trekking shoes (walkers) not new because the new can hurt your feet and hinder the walk, extra money for some unexpected expenses. Rain poncho, you don’t know when it might rain. Cold gloves. Some extra snacks as well as for extra expenses such as saddle horse rental. In case you have a special diet. Walking sticks for support.

Do I have to have travel insurance?

Totally recommended and not only for this trip but for any trip you want to make.

Weather during the trek?

From April to September is considered the months where there is no rain and if there is minimal. From September to March is considered rainy months, being from January to March with more intensity. However, even if it is rainy season, there are days in which not even a drop of rain falls. Also in any season can fall hail, or snow so be prepared for any situation and put a good face.

How long is the Hike?

Depending on your physical condition, the climb can be from 2.5 hours to 4 hours and the return the same, we strongly recommend having a little preparation in walks to enjoy more of this excursion and avoid disappointments.

Is the tour group or private?

When you go to the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, you meet every agency that offers this same tour at “cheap” costs but remember you get what you pay for. In many cases some agencies can charge much less but send you on a tour where the groups are 20, 30 to more tourists and a single guide. We offer our excursion in exclusive service where the minimum number of tourists is 2 and the maximum 15 per group. In this way the excursion becomes more pleasant and the guide will have more comfort in giving their explanations as well as the tourists in listening. Now you can also choose the option in private service, there the mobility and the guide will be at your disposal. This is recommended for couples, families or people who do not want to share the tour with others.

Is it recommended for children?

This tour is not recommended for children because they may have problems walking, however in case it is a child who likes hiking at high altitude, if you can do so.

Can people with medical problems do this route?

If you have medical problems, we recommend that you consult your doctor and indicate that you want or have planned to make a walk in the Peruvian Andes and that the altitude is 5000 m.a.s.l. if you have medication must have with you that medication to continue with your treatment.

Horseback Rental?

If you have problems walking or there are children on the excursion, we recommend hiring a horse (the locals rent it) so you can lighten your trip, remember that the horse can not take you all the time because there are very steep climbs for which you must get off the horse and then continue on horseback or on foot.



We run this tour only as a private tour

  • USD 135.00 per person for a group of  2 people

Prices reduce if there are more people in your group

Note: The pick-up from the Sacred Valley will have an extra cost of $30 on the total cost.

“The amount to be deposited does not include the PayPal fee. The PayPal fee is assumed by the buyer. ”

To secure a booking with Come See Perú Tours, the Client must deposit 40% of the entire price of the tour. You will receive a confirmation email for the tour, the total balance must be paid in cash before the start of the tour in cusco.

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    • Total Price:
      USD $ 99.00.00
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