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The Best Private Sacred Valley Tour from Cusco

Private Sacred Valley Full Day Tour from Cusco

We know small group tours cannot offer you the same touring experience as a private tour.  That is why we designed this tour of the Sacred Valley in private service.

The private Sacred Valley tour from Cusco is the perfect day tour for those who have an extra day in Cusco. Also Peru’s Sacred Valley tour is the best option for those looking to acclimatize to the altitude.

Traveling to a lower altitude if you suffer from acute soroche could be the cure-all for soroche.
If you are experiencing altitude sickness or feel it coming on, going to the Sacred Valley can provide some quick relief.

Embark on a full day private tour of the Sacred Valley from Cusco. Explore the best of the Sacred Valley of the Incas with a local guide on a private tour just for you and your party.
The Sacred Valley tour in private service allows you to enjoy a very flexible tour where you are in control. Visit the places you are interested in, don’t waste time shopping and make the most of your tour.

Why you’ll love the Sacred Valley tour in private service

Immerse yourself in Incan culture, architecture and stunning views of the Peruvian Andes.

Sacred Valley tour from Ollantaytambo to Cusco
Sacred Valley from Ollantaytambo to Cusco

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should take the Sacred Valley tour from Cusco in private service.

  1. You will enjoy a private and flexible tour which will allow you to make modifications before starting your Sacred Valley tour from Cusco.
  2. During the tour we will offer you stop offs en route for taking the best pictures.
  3. On our Sacred Valley private tour we offer free cancellation in case your plans change. “based on our cancellation policies”.
  4. We have the best English speaking guides with more than 10 years of guiding experience. 
  5. We won’t waste your time in shopping places, unless you are really interested in buying something during the tour.

Exploring the Sacred Valley from Cusco

Tour through the attraccions of the Sacred Valley, around every bend of the windy road throught the Andes are amazing archaeological sights.

This full day tour from Cusco is an excellent introduction to the Inca civilization before visiting Machu Picchu. We at Come See Peru have an excellent team of local guides who were born and raised in Cusco. All our tour guides have extensive knowledge about the history and culture and are fluent in English.

Visit and explore the best attractions in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with no rush, in your own pace with a local english-speaking guide. Customize your day trip to Sacred Valley on a private tour service. If you head back to Cusco from Machu Picchu we also have  the best option  for you not to miss out on anything on your way back to Cusco, even for those who are starting a trek to Machu Picchu and need an acclimatization program.

If you want to do something different from what most visitors do then stay here and check out also our best  Sacred Valley tours  in Cusco. We have acclimatization programs and if you plan to do the Classic 4 day Inca trail then take a look at our training program in the Sacred Valley. We also have a full day tour in Pisac including the visit to the Alpacas.

Our Sacred Valley one day tour in Peru have been carefully designed according to our customer’s taste check out our itinerary and book now!

Trip Overview

  • Tour Type: Sightseeing Tour, Cultural & History
  • Schedules: We pick you up at 7:00am / Drop off at your hotel in Cusco
  • Meeting Place: From hotel in Cusco or Cusco airport
  • End of the Tour: in Cusco
  • Group Size: Minimum 02 people to confirm departure
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Detailed Itinerary of Sacred Valley Tours from  Cusco (Private Service)

For our Sacred Valley tour in private service from Cusco we offer 2 options which will allow you to visit different places in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Don’t see the tour you want? No problem, customize your tour from scratch based on your preferences.

Chinchero Andean Textile

We will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco at 8am, we will drive you to the alpaca farm in Pisac. Then we will visit the ruins of Pisac. Here you will have a guided tour of the Inca ruins of Pisac for about 1 hour.
Before leaving the town of Pisac we will take a look at the Pisac market.
Then we will be driving for about 1 hour and a half until we arrive to Ollantaytambo.
Our guide will share with you some important information about the historical background of the site.

After visiting the Ollantaytambo fortress we will drive to the Urubamba valley for a well-deserved buffet lunch.
Lunch is offered in one of the best restaurants in the Sacred Valley.

Our last stop is the archaeological site of Chinchero. But before we visit a local family, you will be given a demonstration of textile weaving. (It is not necessary to buy something here it is up to you, as the travel agency will pay for the demonstration).

Finally in the late afternoon we visit the amazing ruins of Chinchero.

Our tour ends at your hotel in Cusco at approximately 5pm.


We start early with the pick up of you from your hotel in Cusco.
Our first stop is Chinchero village. Here we will visit a local family, you will be given a demonstration of alpaca textiles.

Afterwards we will visit the ruins of Chinchero, the archaeological zone offering the best views of the Peruvian Andes mountain range.

We will drive to the famous salt mines of Maras, visiting this wonderful place is a must.

The salt mines currently have more than 6,000 wells.
This place is one of the most visited in the Sacred Valley tour in the last 5 years.

Finally we will visit the ruins of Moray. Moray was once a laboratory for agricultural research.

After visiting these amazing places we will drive you to the town of Urubamba for a buffet lunch at one of the best restaurants in the Sacred Valley.

After our lunch we will be returning to Cusco.


  • Private transportation.
  • English-speaking tour guide.
  • Buffet lunch
  • Taxes


  • Tourist Ticket for archeological sites (S/. 70 soles or $ 23 USD per person).
  • Maras Salt Mines entrance ticket
  • Tips

Highlights.- Embark with us on this 1 day tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas to visit:

  • The Traditional Family in Chinchero.
  • Salt Mines of Maras
  • The fortress of Ollantaytambo.
  • And the Archaeological Site of Pisac.
  • Alpaca farm (Optional)

Advantages of booking with us.-  The trip is organized in detail by an authorized and experienced local company.

Map of the private tour of the Sacred Valley from Cusco


  • Tourist ticket (not included in price).
  • Sun hat.
  • Sun protection cream (factor 35 recommended).
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho.
  • Water.
  • Digital Camera or Smartphone



Moray Inca Site
Moray Sacred Valley in Cusco
Sacred Valley & Machu Pichhu tour
Maras Salt Mines
Sacred Valley tour from Cusco
Ollantaytambo ruins in the Sacred Valley tour
Ollantaytambo ruins in the Sacred Valley tour
Archaeological site of Pisac

The archaeological site of Pisac is located in the province of Calca district of Pisac, in the time of the Incas Pisac was basically a crucial place where different food was produced as well as corn, potato, quinoa and others. But what do we know before the arrival of the Incas? Pisac was already inhabited by much older civilizations than the Incas, however, there is not much evidence of them, today the archaeologists summarize our history just talking about the Inca civilization, but we must know that in the archaeological site of Pisac we can find different monuments especially megalithic or gigantic constructions made by civilizations that no longer existed a long time ago. In our Sacred Valley tour you will learn more about this amazing place with our local guides.

Pisac handicraft market

The artisan market of Pisac attends every day. On Sundays, the market brings more merchants. It is the most traditional market in Peru.

Town of Urubamba

Urubamba is the largest town in the Sacred Valley. It has several tourist attractions. There you rest for a moment to enjoy a buffet lunch.

Archaeological site of Ollantaytambo

In the fortress of Ollantaytambo survive temples, enclosures and various Inca constructions with great similarity to Machu Picchu.

The Inca site of Ollantaytambo was a religious place in the time of the Incas but if we explore the whole complex we will notice that there were different periods of different civilizations that built Ollantaytambo, in Ollantaytambo we have enough evidence of megalithic constructions that date from before the arrival of the Incas, also you will visit the temple of the sun with its giant blocks that were placed perfectly in place and are still visible today. This place is definitely a must see during your Sacred Valley tour.

Archaeological site of Chinchero

The archaeological site of Chinchero is located at 3760 meters above sea level 35 kilometers from the city of Cusco, the beautiful chinchero part of its archaeological site is the exact combination between the constructions of the Inca era and the constructions during the time of the Spanish conquest, Chinchero has always been characterized for being a picturesque town with a lot of tradition and history, the people of Chinchero still wear the typical clothes of the Inca era and the language is still spoken by most of its population, chinchero also has its textile centers where you can interact uniquely with local families and learn from them.

Chinchero Textile Center

The textile center of Chinchero transmits the ancestral techniques of spinning clothing based on alpacas

Maras y Moray – Location and attractions

Two of the most important tourist centers in the city of Cusco are Maras and Moray. In these places you can appreciate part of our ancient culture in its different stages such as pre-Inca, Inca, colonial and republican. We invite you to learn a little more about these tourist attractions and also to start planning your next vacation with visits to these places. Maras and Moray are waiting for you!

Climate, prices and other adventures in the Sacred Valley

The climate in the Sacred Valley of the Incas is temperate and dry. The cold and heat diminish or increase according to the diverse towns that compose it. The dry season (April to October) is the best time to visit these places. Generally, the temperature oscillates between 23°C. and 3°C. It is advisable to wear light clothing during the day and warm clothing at night.

Entrance to the archaeological sites is included in the Cusco Tourist Ticket. The reference cost is 70 soles ($23). Public transportation services are taken on Pavitos Street in Cusco. It is also possible to hire a taxi. Each town has basic services such as lodgings, restaurants, etc.

Adventure sports in the Sacred Valley are hired in the city of Cusco. These include the necessary tools to do each sport (bicycle, canoe, helmets, ATV, etc.). The most recommended adventures are the Inca Jungle to Machu Picchu, bicycle tours, ATV and numerous treks.

1) Are the schedules fixed?

The schedules are flexible to the taste of the visitor. If the tourist likes, he can spend more or less time in the different tourist attractions. The coordination is directly with the tourist guide.

2) Where does the 1 day tour to the Sacred Valley start and end?

The 1 day tour to the Sacred Valley begins with the pick up from your hotel. The tour ends  at the door of the visitor’s hotel.

3) How to pay the All Inclusive Service?

In order to pay for the tour you must complete the information required in our ‘reservation form’. Then you must pay by credit or debit card (at least 40% of the value of the tour). The rest can be paid in the city of Cusco before the tour.

4) How to book a tour guide in another language?

The tour includes a tour guide service in English or Spanish. If you want a guide in another language, you must send an email requesting a private guide in the language of your preference.

5) Can i change the itinerary of this tour?

of course you can, remember this tour is a private tour and can be customed 

Do you still have doubts? Get to know the frequently asked questions asked by the visitors who choose the tour. If you still have any questions, you can contact us at



  • Only your people
  • Personalized service
  • Make stops at your will
  • Take your time to take pictures
  • Avoid the 30+ people bilinguial group services
  • Avoid the shopping stop tours to the Sacred Valley
  • USD 110.00 per person for a group of  2 people
  • USD 85.00 per person for a group of 3 people

Prices reduce if there are more people in your group


Reservation deposits can be paid through PayPal or Western Union. 

To secure a booking with Come See Perú Tours, the Client must deposit 40% of the entire price of the tour. You will receive a confirmation email for the tour, the total balance must be paid in cash before the start of the tour in cusco.

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