Maras Salt Flats In Cusco-Peru

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Located in the sacred valley of the Incas from where you can appreciate the different snow-capped mountains of the different Andes of Cusco, The place is quiet and you can go by yourself renting a transport from the city of Cusco, or you could also choose to hire a private tour or shared service.

If you are in Cusco you can not miss the visit of these fascinating and ancient salt mines, known as the Salineras de Maras, are thousands of small pools dug into the hillside of a mountain, these are filled with salt water that evaporates leaving different layers of salt.


After thousands of shallow pools are filled with salt water from the subsoil, the channel that carries the water to it is blocked for a few days; the intense sun causes the water to evaporate, leaving crystals of pure salt that is then “harvested” with a piece of wood with which the salt is scraped, which is placed in small baskets to eliminate the excess water. At the end of these days, the water passage is opened again and the process is repeated.

The inhabitants of Maras extract the salt monthly and although many of these pools were already made in modern times it maintains the same characteristics as they were made in the beginning by the Incas. although the salt of Maras was already consumed and extracted a lot before the Incas, that is to say a lot before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Something to clarify is that in the Maras salt pans not only one type of salt is extracted but 3 types of salt and one of them is the pink salt which is often consumed by lovers of the kitchen for its high content of minerals.


You will be able to enter the Salineras de Maras paying S/10 soles (3$); the site does not need any ticket like many other archaeological sites in Cusco. Keep in mind that in Maras you will not be able to pay with your credit card, U.S. dollars, euros or any other currency, the inhabitants only receive cash and only soles (currency of Peru).


Before your visit to Machupichu it is recommended that you visit this place, you can do it doing the tour of the sacred valley with connection to Machupichu in the afternoon after lunch and visit Machupichu the next day, that way you could save a lot of time even time, for more information about this tour or about your visit to the salt mines of Maras contact us through