The 8 Best Restaurants in Perú Sacred Valley

Best Restaurants Sacred Valley Perú

Where to Eat in the Sacred Valley in Perú

Take a look at our list of the best restaurants in the Sacred Valley before visiting this beautiful place located between Cusco and the famous Machu Picchu.

As most of you already know, Peruvian cuisine is currently a trend all over the world, perhaps ranked among the first places in the world.

If you are in our blog, we know that you are looking for the best recommendations on where to eat in Perú’s Sacred Valley, here we listed the best restaurants in the Sacred Valley in Peru.

First you should know that if you are on a tour and you are looking for more options for lunch in the Sacred Valley, your best option for lunch will be the buffet lunch as it is ready to serve so you don’t waste time waiting for lunch to be prepared.

Best Restaurants in Ollantaytambo Perú


Located in the Plaza de Armas, this restaurant is owned by Wendy and her son Joaquin, the charming owners of the El Albergue hotel at the Ollantaytambo train station.

They work only with local ingredients and serve traditional Peruvian dishes. However, they can also adapt to your wishes. The interior design is really nice. The restaurant has its own distillery and a really original cocktail selection. Perfect to spend the night before visiting Machu Picchu the next day.


Puka Rumi restaurant, located on Ventiderio Street in Ollantaytambo, has a rustic atmosphere. Located on the second floor and run by local woman Rufina, the menu is simple and focuses on fresh ingredients used to create a home-style cuisine. Portions are very generous.

Puka Rumi is a simple restaurant serving decent international food that does not try to be something it is not. The restaurant itself is large and spacious and is decorated with traditional local textiles and figures from traditional dances. It is a good place to stop for a tasty, home-cooked meal at a reasonable price in Ollantaytambo.

This is a colorful and lively café located right on the corner of Ollantaytambo’s main square, as the name “corner” suggests. The outdoor tables are a good place for people-watching and owner Ridert goes out of his way to make all guests feel at home.


A good place for popular Peruvian classics. Light appetites will be satisfied with the quinoa soup with vegetables. If you are hungry, you can opt for a churrasco cooked at the table on a hot stone with native potatoes and green salad. The guinea pig is also well prepared. It’s a good value, although service can be sleepy.


This cute two-floor coffee shop located on a side street offers tasty baked goods and real coffee and desserts. It also offers sandwiches and lunches. The second floor, with the mural, is a quiet place.

Bets Restaurants in Urubamba Perú

Urubamba has a surprisingly large number of restaurants for such a small town. Most of the main restaurants are located along the main road, cater to tourists passing through and are of average quality, check out our small but tasty selection of the best restaurants in Urubamba in Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Huacatay is the kind of restaurant where we recommend you take your time to eat and share it with your friends.

The restaurant is pleased to offer a gluten-free menu, and you’ll also find vegan dishes on the menu. The meatless dishes also appeal to vegetarians, and the freshly cooked local cuisine is delicious!


Wayra is probably best known for its lunch in the Sacred Valley, which is served every day on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace.

This traditional Peruvian buffet-style banquet includes a selection of root vegetables, meats and salads dressed with a tasty uchucuta sauce prepared with local stone-ground spices.


Hacienda Huayoccari is a hidden gem that you won’t find on the generic Cusco tourist route. Hidden in the lush private estate of the Lambarri-Orihuela family, in the village of Huayoccari, in the Sacred Valley.


Excellent buffet restaurant with a variety of options for all tastes located in a beautiful spot.

A large establishment located on a large plot of land that slopes down to the river. A splendid old building that has been adapted to accommodate tourist coaches.