What’s Cusco Tourist Ticket?& Why You Need it?

Cusco´s Main Square

Cusco Tourist Pass (Boleto Turistico)

Everything You Need to Know About Cusco’s Boleto Turistico

This Cusco tourist ticket is an essential purchase for any visit to Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Here’s everything you need to know about boleto turistico!

one thing you should take into account is that it is not possible to buy an individual entry ticket for any single site which is included on the boleto turistico.

What’s Included on the Boleto Turistico?

Most of the most popular and well-known sites in Cusco and the Sacred Valley (except Machu Picchu) are included in the ticket.

tourist ticket cusco
tourist ticket cusco

The Maras Salt Mines, Cusco Cathderal, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Humantay lake,  are not included on the boleto turistico and therefore require a separate entrance fee;

several of the best museums and sites in Cusco are also not included.

Cusco Tourist Ticket Price

There are 2 types of tickets:

Full Cusco Tourist Ticket

This ticket costs 130 soles or 39 dollars for foreigners from any country.

The general tourist ticket is valid for 10 days, and you can use it only for the ten days from the date you bought the ticket,

There are 16 places included on the full tourist ticket, including archaeological sites and some museums within the city of Cusco.

  1. Sacsayhuaman
  2. Qenqo
  3. Puca Pukara
  4. Tambomachay
  5. Museum of Contemporary Art
  6. Regional Historical Museum
  7. Pupular Art Museum
  8. Qoricancha Site Museum
  9. Qosqo Native Art Center
  10. Monument Pachacuteq
  11. Pillacta
  12. Tipon
  13. Pisac
  14. Ollantaytambo
  15. Moray
  16. Chinchero

Sub-Tourist Ticket

This ticket costs 70 soles or 25 dollars per person, what is included on the partial tourist ticket are 4 places, these will depend on the circuit you are going to take, if you are going to explore the Sacred Valley then you have to buy the partial ticket for the Sacred Valley, this ticket includes the following places:

  1. Moray
  2. Chinchero
  3. Pisac
  4. Ollantaytambo

If you want to do the city tour and visit the 4 ruins outside of Cusco then you should buy the tourist ticket of the 4 ruins with the following places:

  1. Sacsayhuaman
  2. Kenko
  3. Tambomachay
  4. Pukapukara