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Moray Inca Ruins in Cusco Perú





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Moray archaeological site in Cusco Peru

 The Inca ruins of Moray are located in the maras district in the province of Urubamba in the sacred valley in Cusco Peru at 63 kilometers from the city of Cusco at an altitude of 3550 meters above sea level.

The Inca ruins of Moray

If you are in Cusco and you have already visited Machu Picchu and you don’t know what else to do in Cusco? Then you could take a tour from Cusco or also from Ollantaytambo and visit this amazing place, not much is known about this mysterious place although it is known as a farming place or also as an Inca greenhouse but you should know Moray was not originally built by the Incas, so Moray should have been built by a pre-Inca civilization that developed high technology to create a system of adaptation that allowed any type of plant to grow at different heights.

Moray Inca Site
Moray ruins in Cusco perú

According to Cusco archaeologists, these 4 concentric ring depressions were never flooded due to a drainage system that had to be built before the walls were built because they were built in different layers that allowed water to drain easily protecting the roots of the plants from rotting, According to the specialists, the 4 depressions in Moray are geological depressions from the Cretaceous era where small lagoons were formed long before the Incas used them as agricultural laboratories. These depressions vary in extension and depth and created different microclimates.

Moray terraces or agricultural laboratories?

The area where Moray is located has a total of 37 hectares of land, studies reveal that only 5 hectares of these lands were used for agricultural activities indicating that the annual production of these places only would have been able to feed about 45 people, so it is impossible that these circular terraces of Moray have served to supply the population of the town of Maras, experts suggest that these circles served as scientific centers of experimentation, treatment and hybridization where it was possible to obtain different varieties of plants mainly potato, coca plant including cotton, bone Moray was a center of agricultural experimentation.

Moray Pre-Inca Site
Moray Ancient Ruins Cusco

What many do not know is that Moray existed before the arrival of the Incas so that it is much older than the Inca era, what happens during the frost season is that the circular walls absorb the heat of the sun during the day and then radiate through at night directly to the roots of plants protecting them from cold and low temperatures.

How to get to Moray on my own?

There are two ways to get there:

1 you can take the Maras Moray tour

2 you can take a bus in Cusco to Urubamba and get off at the branch or detour the trip can cost you 5 soles and from Maras sign take another bus to the archaeological site of Moray (do not pay more than 30 soles one way).

Moray Cusco Peru
Moray Inca Terraces

You also need to buy the tourist ticket which can be purchased at the  site, this ticket costs 70 soles and is valid for 2 days, although we recommend doing the tour of Maras Moray and the salt mines of Maras which can save you a lot of time and you travel safely and get information about these places for this you can check out our tours in Cusco and contact a specialist who will help you with all your questions.